How To Use A Sex Doll ?

How To Use A Sex Doll ?

In this article, you can find everything you need to know about using a sex doll!

If you’ve just purchased a sex doll, congratulations. You’ve made a great investment. Sex dolls can provide companionship, sexual satisfaction, and even add some unique spice to your relationships. Sex dolls don’t care about your job, your car, your looks, or the contents of your wallet. They always keep you entertained and will never judge you for your fantasies or your troubles. Many people don’t even know what a sex doll is.

Now comes the most important thing. This is a big investment. You may even go into debt to buy the doll. We want to make sure you get the most out of your investment. To help you, we’ve created this “User Guide”. Here, we’ll cover everything you need to know about having sex with a sex doll, how to care for it, and how to get the most pleasure out of your new relationship.

First things first, though! If you haven’t purchased one yet, check out our sex doll buying guide. It contains all the information you need to choose the perfect companion. Choose a doll that fits your lifestyle and personal preferences, and you’re already off to a good start.

Unboxing and Assembling Your Sex Doll

The day has finally arrived! A few weeks ago, you did your research, found the best online sex doll shop (wink), and found the doll of your dreams. This is the girl of your fantasies, and she’s finally here. You tracked her movements across the globe, from our manufacturing plants to shipping facilities, and now she’s at your doorstep.

You could barely contain your excitement when you saw the box on your porch. You barely noticed the delivery guy, your hands shaking slightly as you signed for the package. All of your thoughts were focused on the box, and even more, on what was inside. But wait, cowboy, calm down! There’s one more important step before you can get in bed with your new lover, you have to carefully unpack the box and assemble her properly.

Step 1: Carefully deliver the package to a room in your home with enough floor space.

One thing that many people are surprised about when they first receive a sex doll is how heavy the package is. Most full-sized sex dolls weigh between 50 and 70 pounds, plus all the packaging weight! A well-packaged sex doll can weigh up to 80 pounds when it arrives. If you are disabled, elderly, or live in a 5th floor walk-up apartment, you should be prepared for how to carry this package. A close friend may be a good helper, or you can tip the delivery person to help you.

My sex doll and I need to have enough floor space to unpack the sex doll, as you need to lay her flat on the group next to the box.

Step 2: Open the package along the seams with a utility knife, pocket knife, etc.

After placing the package on the floor of the room of your choice, cut the tape along the top edge of the box to open her. Be careful not to go too deep with the knife, as you don’t want to risk cutting your favorite new sex partner. Once you cut the packaging tape along the seams, the box will open like a coffin.

Step 3: Wash your hands!

Now that your new sex doll is ready to be taken out of the box, you don’t want to get her dirty or stain her pure skin with your dirty hands! Wash your gloves thoroughly before touching the sex doll.

Step 4: Unpack the head of your new sex doll

There will be a football-sized ball of bubble wrap on the sex doll’s thighs. This is the head of your new sex doll. Carefully remove the bubble wrap and remove the head from the bag. Place the sex doll’s head on the bag on the floor next to the box. You will return to it later after removing the body.

Tip: You can keep the bag to store the head when not in use.

Step 5: Remove all other accessories from the box

The packaging will usually include accessories such as clothing, wardrobe sex doll storage systems, and cleaning tools. Remove all of these things from the box and set them aside. After this step, the only thing left in the box should be the body of the doll and the blanket she is lying on.

Step 6: Cut the foam off the doll’s body with scissors

It is very important to be careful and cautious during this process.

Step 7: Take the doll out of the box with the blanket

Use your arms to hold the doll and the blanket, take her out of the box and gently place her on the floor next to you.

Step 8: Attach the head to your new sex doll and put on the wig

If you follow her instructions, you will be able to correctly attach your sex doll’s head and wig.


Having sex with your doll

If you came to read the main content, look here. While there are some exceptions, most of our customers buy these dolls to get a real sex partner. They are designed for this purpose and are sure to bring you a lot of pleasure and excitement. The key is to stick to a few best practices so that you can have an amazing experience and your sex doll will be with you for many years.

Having vaginal sex with your doll

This is one of the most common ways people enjoy silicone dolls. Each female sex doll we sell comes with a fully functional vagina. For many of our dolls, you can choose between a removable (similar to a pocket vagina or fleshlight) or a fixed vagina. We list the depth of each doll’s vaginal opening on our website. Be sure to choose a doll that fits your size.

All of our dolls are made of either silicone or TPE. Both materials have an extremely realistic feel. Our vaginas are built for pleasure and designed to make you feel like you are having sex with a real person.

The whole process is just like you imagine it. You position the doll in the position you like, then you insert into the doll and continue as usual. The friction and pressure combine to feel absolutely amazing.

We are often asked if a man can ejaculate inside a doll. The answer is yes. It is a very common practice and our dolls are designed for this. Later on, we will go into more detail on how to care for your doll after you are done ejaculating.

Anal Sex with Your Doll

Many people fantasize about anal sex. For many people, anal sex is normal, healthy, and pleasurable. The bad news is that it is hard to find a partner who is willing to have anal sex, let alone a partner who actually enjoys it. The good news! Both our male and female dolls are anal-capable. Our product engineers work hard to design dolls that give you a realistic, super tight, intense experience that is guaranteed to blow your mind.

Sex Dolls and Oral Sex

We have already explored the topic, “Is oral sex with a sex doll the same as oral sex with a real person?” The answer is no, it is not. Both have advantages and disadvantages. Still, oral sex with a sex doll is pretty fun. Think of it this way. When a manufacturer creates a sex doll, the mouth only has to do two things. It has to look pretty, and it has to provide pleasure. Sure, you’ll need lube, but you’ll never have to worry about your doll’s gag reflex, whether she’ll have a stiff neck, or how she’ll react when you’re done.

Lubricants and Your Sex Doll

Most people choose to use lube so that their sexual experience is easy and pleasurable. If you do, be sure to choose a water-based lube. Oil-based or silicone-based lubes can damage your doll and cause stains. KY Jelly in Astroglide is an example of two water-based lubes.

Apply lube wherever you want to penetrate. But don’t go overboard. If you try to use too much lube, it’ll quickly become sticky and messy. Here’s a sex doll life pro tip. If you think you need more lube, try adding a small amount of warm water. This reactivates the lube and is usually all you need to continue your experience.

Some people prefer to go the dryer route. To do this, they often use a powder. This reduces friction, but creates a very different sex

Sex Doll Storage

Now that your sex doll is assembled and ready to go, it’s time to think about storage. Don’t get us wrong! If you’d rather hang your doll outdoors, we fully support that. Most people, though, want to be more cautious. That’s why every doll we sell comes with a storage kit. You can use it to hang the doll in a closet or other space where you’re not using it.

If you want an alternative, we do sell a storage box. This nice-looking box looks like it could store a lot. No one will suspect you’ve got a sex doll in it. Even better, if you have plenty of room under your bed, just slide the storage box in there. That way, your doll takes up barely any space.

Both silicone and TPE are temperature sensitive. This is something to be aware of when deciding where to store your doll. As long as the doll is stored within a reasonable temperature range, it should be fine. However, in extremely hot or cold conditions, the doll may crack or warp. For example, a hot attic in the summer with no ventilation or air conditioning is not an ideal storage location for a doll.


Dressing Your Sex Doll

This is an area where opinions diverge greatly. For some of our customers, their dolls are purely functional. Clothes are just an unnecessary hassle and they turn their noses up at it. If you are not interested in dressing your doll, you can skip this part. We totally understand.

If you do want to dress your doll in a variety of outfits and costumes, you are not alone. For many, this is part of the fun and fantasy of owning a sex doll. You can use clothes to act out fantasies or role play. Many of our customers enjoy buying clothes and accessories just like they would buy gifts for any special partner.

If you want to buy clothes and accessories for your sex doll, we have some great suggestions for you.

Our dolls are very petite. You will get the best results by buying dolls in stores for petite women and in sizes Small and XS. For numbered sizes in the US, try size 0 or 1.
We list the sizes of each doll. If you give this information to a salesperson at a high-end store, they can recommend the right size for you.
Try buying a few inexpensive clothes first until you find the right size. That way you don’t spend too much money on clothes that don’t fit.
Safety pins come in very handy! They can pin back slightly larger shirts and skirts. This will create a very flattering silhouette.
Regardless, remember that this should be enjoyable. Try different styles. Order some lingerie catalogs. You can even research role-play options for sex dolls. Have you ever fantasized about spending time with a police officer, a stripper, a cheerleader, or even your favorite video game character? This is your chance to role-play and live out your hottest fantasies.

Accessorize Your Doll

If you like to dress up your doll, you can also add some accessories. For example, a nice bracelet or anklet can be very attractive. But be careful. Avoid using jewelry or other accessories that are too heavy, otherwise they may stain or scratch the doll. When you are done, remove all accessories. It is never a good idea to store your doll while it is wearing any extra jewelry.

Hairstyle for Your Doll

Your doll will arrive home with a wig. You can also purchase additional wigs for your doll. If you take good care of your wigs, they will last a long time. You can wash them just like you would your regular hair. You can also style your doll’s wig and add hair accessories as needed. Just like a real person, a little change in hairstyle or color can give your doll a whole new look. It’s really exciting.

Perfume and Cologne

It’s completely normal to want your doll to smell nice during sex. The smell of an amazing cologne or perfume can trigger some powerful memories and make sex wonderful. We don’t want to stop anyone from enjoying this experience. However, we also want you to avoid causing any accidental damage. If you must use perfume or cologne, spray the doll’s clothing instead of the doll itself. Perfumes often contain alcohol, which is not good for silicone or TPE. The smell may also seep into the doll’s material and then transform. This is not pleasant for anyone.

Women and Sex Dolls

Yes, women do buy sex dolls and enjoy them. Sometimes they buy them on their own, and sometimes they buy them with a partner. Just like men, women use sex dolls to fulfill their sexual fantasies and please themselves.

Of course, the interaction itself is a little different. Simply put, inserting a sex doll is very different from being penetrated. To accommodate these differences, our male dolls have a removable sex organ. You can use it as you would a dildo. This of course also applies to men who like to receive sex. Some of our clients would rather catch than ejaculate, and prefer variations of woman on top and reverse woman on top.

Other Sexual Activities

Don’t be afraid. Our dolls are meant to be treated like people. Feel free to hold your doll, hug it, caress it, try new positions, and even get a little rough with it. Enjoy the realistic sensations of touch and sex. Get creative and fulfill your fantasies. Some of our clients even have threesomes with their partner and their sex doll.

Yes, extreme activities can hurt, but normal sex is absolutely fine. If in doubt, take your time and check for any signs of injury before proceeding.

Cleaning Your Sex Doll

A clean and well-cared for doll can last a very long time. We have put together some very thorough cleaning and care structures for your doll. Just remember that there are two important tools that can help you keep your doll clean and sanitary. The first is a vaginal douche. You can order this online or buy it at your local sex shop. Don’t worry, if you choose to order this product online, most companies are very discreet. You simply fill the bulb syringe with water or soapy water and insert it into any cavity you have used. Simply squeeze the bulb syringe to douche your doll. This works for any orifice you have used. Cleaning is even easier if your doll has a removable vagina. Simply remove the vagina and take it to the sink or shower to clean it.

We should note that using a condom is also an option. However, it is not a must. It only takes a few minutes to complete the steps required to clean your doll.

Don’t forget to follow our instructions to keep the rest of your doll clean as well. Wipe down your doll after each use and make sure it is completely dry. Remove any tight clothing or anything that could stain it. Some people choose to powder their doll before putting it away for storage. If you choose to powder your doll, use a simple cornstarch powder. Always wait until the doll is dry before applying the powder. Otherwise, it will make a mess.

Sex Doll Repair

Your doll can last a long time. The exact lifespan of your doll depends on how often you use it and how hard you use it. Regardless, our dolls are well designed, made of quality materials, and are very sturdy. They rarely break. Even if they do, they are usually easy to repair.

We are happy to provide doll repair kits to all of our customers. We also make and sell replacement parts. If you are unable to complete the repair yourself, you can contact us. We may be able to repair the doll for you and then arrange to ship it back to you.

Customize Your Doll

Every doll we make is designed by an amazing artist and made by professionals to look great and feel like a real woman. If you buy one of our “ready-made” dolls, you will be very satisfied. In fact, many of our customers have expressed their happiness to us.

Some of our customers want something special, though. These discerning people choose to have their dolls designed and customized to their specifications. If you would like to create the doll of your dreams, please contact us for more details. As long as you meet a few requirements, we will be more than happy to work with you.

Traveling with Your Sex Doll

Some of our customers love their dolls so much that they take them everywhere they go. If you just want to have some fun on the road, know that you have several options. These dolls are fairly portable.

If you insist on bringing a full-sized doll, though, that’s certainly possible. You just have to treat it like a large item that needs to be handled with caution on your trip. Many of our customers choose to ship their dolls ahead of time. That way, the doll is with them when they arrive. But be aware that you may have to handle the doll yourself. Neither the delivery person nor the travel agent staff will be willing to help.

Final Thoughts

We know that sex dolls are pretty expensive. That’s why we created this guide. No matter how you use your sex doll, we want every experience you have to be great. If you follow the tips we provide, your doll will stay in great condition for years to come. Even better, you’ll be able to enjoy the time you spend with your doll even more.

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