Is masturbation dangerous to health?

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This is a video about masturbation that urologists believe in: modern medicine, progress and enlightenment, but recognizing the diversity of cultural norms and beliefs.

That’s a complicated sentence.

What I’m trying to say is: I realize that masturbation is a touchy subject for many of you. In my daily practice, I am confronted with a wide range of beliefs, misconceptions, fears, and convictions.

If you are looking for information on this topic, please watch this blog.

I have no intention of hurting anyone’s feelings or persuading anyone to convert. So if you refuse to masturbate for whatever reason or you have strong beliefs that it’s a sin, please don’t read on.

My name is Stefan Buntrock and I am a urologist and sexologist.

Can masturbation cause erectile dysfunction?

Can masturbation cause premature ejaculation?

Is it possible to damage the penis through masturbation?

These are common questions I get asked every day as a physician.

Before I answer that question, let’s start with the origins of sex.

You see, from a developmental standpoint, puberty is not the beginning of human sexuality.

Intrauterine erection in boys occurs during the 26th week of pregnancy.

From the age of 2, humans become interested in their own and others’ genitals.

By age 6, they know that this is inappropriate behavior.

They stop touching their genitals when there are people around.

In childhood, people learn about gender roles: this is how men behave – and this is how women behave. In childhood, we learn about romantic relationships: we listen to fairy tales: the prince marries the princess and they live happily ever after. We observe our parents and so on.

All of this is part of human sexual development. For most people, the onset of puberty is the natural beginning of masturbation.

Of course, much depends on how many restrictions the environment imposes on the individual. But in more open societies, it is part of normal healthy development. If it is not suppressed by norms and values, masturbation will naturally continue throughout life, even within a relationship.

Because masturbation in a relationship is almost seen by many as cheating on a partner, it is discarded.

Overall, from a doctor’s point of view, there is no negative impact on your health. It certainly does not cause erectile dysfunction, nor does it affect fertility or promote premature ejaculation.

On the contrary, masturbation has many health benefits.

A campaign was launched in November 2021 by health authorities in Queensland, Australia. They named it: Help Yourself: The Health Benefits of Masturbation. They note that the endorphins released may promote mental health. It may help reduce menstrual periods and speed up labor, and it can help boost positive body image. It may promote better sleep, reduce stress and increase relaxation. As a urologist, I might add that it can promote penile function, as penile maintenance requires regular erections. This is the reason why nocturnal erections occur.

Furthermore, there is scientific evidence to support the hypothesis that masturbation prevents prostate cancer. However, even if masturbation is part of the body’s normal functioning, it is embedded in a cultural and historical context. I’m talking about given meaning. In a religious setting, masturbation is seen as a sin. Because if you believe in the concept of sin and succumb to it, then it probably is a sin.

In this context.

Let me give you an example.

In the United States, the fastest speed you can drive on the highway is 80 mph. In some states it is even as low as 65 or 60 mph. If you go faster, you’re breaking the law. You would be committing a crime, so to speak.

In Germany, we don’t have a general speed limit on our highways, although traffic is heavy most of the time and local speed limits are the rule. However, there are some sections where you can drive as fast as you like. Just a few weeks ago, a Czech millionaire sparked a public debate when he uploaded a video on YouTube showing him accelerating his Bugatti to 417 mph on a German highway. That’s 259 mph! That may be a bit unreasonable, but it’s not strictly prohibited.

My point is: what is prohibited, illegal, or sinful depends on the rules.

If you believe that masturbation is a sin, then you are obeying the rules that say so. Then, masturbation may indeed become a health problem because it can lead to mental illness, as masturbation can lead to a constant stress of guilt and despair.

I can only argue from a medical perspective and quote the Queensland Department of Health, “Masturbation is a normal and healthy part of a person’s sexual experience.

Regardless of your relationship status, age, sexual orientation or gender identity, it is a healthy way to learn about your body has many surprising health benefits.”

This article is from a youtube video channel by Stefan Buntrock

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